Ukraine winGlory to Ukraine!

In this difficult time for Ukraine, we have developed a patriotic drop and donate 50% of the sale to support the Armed the "Po Param" charity fund.



About us

ON dance is a clothing brand founded in 2017. The founders are the couple of dancers who have finished their sports careers, but continue their creative activity in clothing design.We use only high-quality materials, pay attention to details and quality of our work. Our brand is a fresh look at the balance of sports and basic clothing. Our clothes have strength and lightness at the same time, have a concise design, rationality and respect for the environment.
Our goal is to inspire you to live in rhythm with your soul.
ONdance clothing is suitable both for sports and for every day use. Anyway, you will not go unnoticed.
We create two main collections a year, and supplement it with thematic capsule collection.

Our Art-director and brand designer is Olga Netlukh.